API Connector

Import API data directly into Google Sheets

API Connector is a Google Sheets add-on that extracts data from APIs directly into Google Sheets. No coding required! Just enter the request URL and API key to connect and view API responses in a spreadsheet.
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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Ana, a freelance analytics consultant. I made this add-on after receiving a lot of client requests for spreadsheets and dashboards displaying data from platforms like Shopify, Mailchimp, Harvest, VWO, etc. This usually meant searching for an existing integration, and, if none existed (this was usually the case), either manually exporting out data or writing a custom script to extract data from the platform APIs. The API Connector greatly accelerates and simplifies the process of getting API data into Sheets. There's no code required, just enter the API URL and credentials to import API data to Sheets. It's free for basic use, with paid upgrade option available for scheduling and other features. I know spreadsheet users are super creative, so I'm excited to see what people do with this. There have been 140+ installations since I released it last week, and I have a lot of ideas for future development. Looking forward to your feedback.
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This is a phenomenal addition to anyone No Coder / Low Coder's toolkit! After my quick check of the website and chrome extension page I do not see any mention of pricing and/or limitations. That sounds too good to be true?
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@colinwinhall Thank you for the comment, I would love to see people use it for low/no-code projects! As for price, it’s free to save and make unlimited API requests, but the automated scheduling feature is paid. You can see pricing here: https://mixedanalytics.com/api-c....
@a_kravitz Very fair pricing. I may become a pro sometime soon. I have some immediate feedback though from a few quick tests I just did. Is there any way to make the api url path dynamic, such as https://a.com/v1/{CellA}/johndoe Where the value from {CellA} comes from a separate sheet's cell? This would be a must have requirement for me to REALLY make use of this. Look forward to your response!
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@colinwinhall yep, you can do that :) Check this out for instructions: https://mixedanalytics.com/knowl...
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I was looking for this tool.Thanks
@ryanstweeting Awesome! Let me know if I can help with anything. And if you're interested, https://mixedanalytics.com/knowl... contains my documentation and detailed guides for accessing a bunch of popular APIs.
Could this be used to import a device's current latitude and longitude, via Google maps API for example? (Sheets doesn't have a function for this, and Google apps script can't access it.)
@scott_sheldon That's a very good question. Unfortunately I don't think it can because the API request comes from Google rather than your own computer. So if you enter, for example, 'http://ip-api.com/json' into the URL input field and click Run, it just returns the location information for Google LLC.
Can you build IFTTT integration? That would probably solve some of the challenges you have come across and would greatly expand functionality.
@olivermccloud Hi Oliver, thank you for the suggestion. IFTTT is an awesome service! However, as far as I know, IFTTT doesn't provide data themselves, they provide a protocol that enables triggers and actions based off other providers' APIs. What kind of integration do you have in mind?