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APIs change. Don't get caught off guard.

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@bpedro if you can detect API changes, data format changes, header changes, etc, that's something I might be interested in as an API producer. Would basically work as a sort of automated acceptance testing of my API if I could get an alert if we inadvertently changed something, or simply a reminder of making sure our documentation matches reality.
@biilmann +1 and that would be a real-time change notification, not reliant upon humans to update API docs
I would simplify the API request form. Asking me to find the docs and a high resolution image makes me not want to suggest another API that I'd be interested in, to be honest. Perhaps I'm just lazy this morning.
The concept is interesting But it seems it should be more correctly called 'get notified when api docs change' Many APIs (especially the ones prone to change (i am looking at you facebook)) are lagging behind with their api documentation.
@andreasklinger Hey Andreas, you are right. If you have access to change the tagline, go for it :) PS: @bpedro is the guy behind API Changelog. Might be interesting to enable him to comment and answer questions.
@maximesalomon sure would love to hear from the maker directly! I invited @bpedro :)
@andreasklinger Thanks for the comment :) I agree that the tagline might be too generic because changes are found by analyzing API docs. Would you see value in having a method to analyze API changes by actually making HTTP calls and seeing if anything changed (method signature, input payload, response, headers, etc.)? I really appreciate the feedback!
@bpedro I really like this concept - we use quite a few APIs and right now rely on RSS feeds from the developer blogs of Twitter, Facebook etc. to see if anything's changed. It frequently does - we've not even launched yet and we've already had to tweak things a couple of times after APIs have changed! I agree with @andreasklinger's comment, and I think you're right in suggesting that it might be a good idea to analyse changes by making HTTP calls. Great work though, @bpedro!
Awesome to see this atop PH today! I originally created API Changelog and @bpedro is doing a great job running with it. There are a few reasons why watching docs over actual calls is useful (though it's just one vector, and watching real calls is useful too but I'll come back to that). The biggest reason is that a lot of changes to APIs, particularly public 'open' ones is policy changes, not technical changes. These can have a significant impact on your ability to use a given service. Sometimes these changes may only be a single word, but erase swaths of use cases. If you're using an API and not paying for it somehow (direct fees, transaction fees, etc.) you should be very careful of these types of changes. Monitoring APIs with real HTTP requests would be very difficult to do in a general sense. It would cause a lot of false alarms (an API is down, or temporarily broken from a bad deploy, then rolled back) and breakages can vary a lot from user to user. My experiences building a API monitoring tool (https://www.runscope.com/) may have skewed my view of the world in this area though :) Generally though, if you're dependent on an API, watch it as closely as possible from as many angles as possible. We've got great tools for monitoring live traffic and out-of-band monitoring and there are others out there as well. You'll be amazed at what you see once you start watching them more closely.
this looks like it could be a very useful utility. There are a number of ways that it could be improved (as others highlight), but I think it's a great start.