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Adam Owen@adamowenit · Search Engine Marketing Consultant
How does this compare to Sheetsu (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...)?
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
@adamowenit Well sheetsu is purely Google spreadsheets right now, and is going after a slightly different use case. That of being able to mock things out quickly. So I think its initial intention is slightly more technical. Our initial intention was more to test whether any of this spoke to more non-technical people. So (a) be more universal, hence CSV to start... (b) more hand holding and generated docs in more of a prose form than technical docs form. We also wanted to specifically test whether people wanted the ability to add a paywall in front of their data. We were hunted before we were ready to test that latter aspect so the copy on the homepage isn't very strong around that at the moment. That being said, it wouldn't take much of a pivot for us to be doing the same thing. I love what @michaloblak has done with sheetsu. I could see a future where we collaborated. What do you say @michaloblak?
Michael Oblak@michaloblak · Sheetsu.com founder
@hilem @adamowenit hi guys. @adamowenit: thanks for mentioning me :) @hilem adding ability of a paywall on the front seems good. That's exactly what Danielle Morille was talking about here https://medium.com/@DanielleMorr.... Sure, I think we can collaborate. Nicholas, feel free to message me if you want to do some collaboration.
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
Hey Product Hunters! This is a lot to take in. We just released over the past weekend. Wasn't expecting to be hunted so soon. I'll be out and in all day but happy to answer any questions!
exex zian@exexzian · Software Engineer
Had fun playing with it and liked it but then I tested a sample data with 30k rows and it crashed. Have you tested it for large data set?
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
@exexzian Large dataset tests are being worked on. Will release results soon.
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
@hilem @exexzian I'm glad the experience was enjoyable!
Haseeb Awan@haseeb · Founder, Efani
blockspring.com ?
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
@haseeb Blockspring is more for pulling, this was meant more for pushing. One of the differentiators that is planned to be released is adding a stripe paywall so our users can make $ exposing their data. This needs to be conveyed stronger on the homepage.
Haseeb Awan@haseeb · Founder, Efani
@hilem @haseeb Great. I will look further into the product. Saving it
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
import.io has this functionality, right?
Nicholas HilemMaker@hilem
@orliesaurus import.io is serving a different user, the motivations behind the interface design decisions down to even their name are aimed towards API consumers, we're aiming for producers which will be more obvious as we release more functionality. So our initial functionality may seem redundant but as we mature our bet is that our average user won't overlap much with the average import.io user.