Api.ai for Slack

Build a smart conversational Slack bot in 5 minutes.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2016
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Excited to announce Api.ai for Slack that makes it easy to build a bot that can carry on conversation and understand users speaking naturally (no memorizing commands).
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@gelfenbeyn Love it - convinced it is the future. Are you planning more integration (e.g. Amazon Echo, Facebook Bot, etc...)?
@swaggaguru we do have export to Alexa (although it is limited, as Alexa doesn't support all our features). FB will be supported as soon it is announced.
@gelfenbeyn you should talk to the smooch guys
@jkkorn great idea!
This may have some strong customer service ability, love to see some screenshots on the product in actual use. ,
@workstationw me too. Would love to see some screenshots on the product in actual use. Based on what i saw in the back office, it works just like wit.ai.
@workstationw Bots are coming, we have just launched the integration. I've seen several flight/hotel reservation solutions, bug reporting tool, hr agent, several crm implementations.
@uxdzen @workstationw Tommy, try to build same demo with wit and you'll see the difference
There are so many bots this year. This looks dope
@dredurr Thanks! Trying to help make all those bots more conversational :)
Does anyone have a collection I can follow of bot creators like this?
@jkdncn I curate the space and bot creators in http://chatbotsweekly.com ;)
Wow the barrier to entry for launching a bot app is so low compared to what we saw when the App Store launched. No doubt we'll see the number of bot apps deployed eclipse mobile download apps in a fraction of the time.