API.AI for Google Assistant

Build conversation actions for Google Home and more



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Ilya Gelfenbeyn — Product Manager, API.AI at Google
Check out this incredible implementation done with api.ai -
Ilya Gelfenbeyn — Product Manager, API.AI at Google
Happy to announce API.AI integration with Google Assistant! You can now build and submit your Conversation Actions for Google Home and, in future, other places where Google Assistant is available - Pixel, Allo, etc.
Your feedback is highly appreciated!
Alexander Khanukov — CX/UX strategist, nascent entrepreneur
@gelfenbeyn Congrats and nice work! Can't wait to start integrating it. I love the cross-channel, cross-device capabilities and all of the new opportunities to be unlocked with consumer and enterprise IoT and messaging as well. Add to that Slack's partnership with Google which should provide for interesting match-ups with Microsoft's stack and offerings. Hope to see it in #botkit as well! I look forward to what you and your team having cooking!
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