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#2 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2018

ApexCharts is an open-source modern chart library that helps developers to create interactive visualizations for web pages.

Tiago Allen Marques
Ishan Fishy Marikar
Abdul Ghani
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  • Pros: 

    Beautiful charts, easy to implement, easier to dissect and zoom through charts, decent documentation.


    None so far.

    I realize that this library is still pretty early on so I hope the author adds in more features/functionality. Will definitely be using this for my projects.

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Juned Chhipa
Juned ChhipaMaker@junedchhipa · JavaScript Developer
Hi, Maker of ApexCharts here. Here's a quick answer to "Why ApexCharts" despite having dozens of data-visualization libraries available in JavaScript. The following things I felt were missing in Open-source chart libraries (exclude low-level libraries). 1. Easier zooming/panning/scrolling of data 2. Callbacks/events for certain actions which allow more information to be returned, this can be helpful in creating dynamic and/or drill down charts. 3. Placing informative annotations on charts 4. Cool looking gauges 5. An option to customize nearly everything! There's a lot of room to grow, and I am open to feedback/ideas
Silver Ringvee
Silver Ringvee@silver_ringvee · Developer
The SaaS tool I am currently working for is mainly using two chart libraries: Google Charts (would like to replace as it's not open-source) and Chart.js (works well but not perfect). I really like the looks and functionality of ApexCharts and you have already come a long way. My main concern, though, is the future of this project. We can't implement if the project will be abandoned in 1 year or so. I guess there is no way you could give any guarantees and as I understand there is just one main developer right now? We are going to run some tests in staging soon to see if it is durable/reliable enough for some production use later this year. PS! I was super excited when I saw a new JS chart library on PH, and so far, I'm happy with what you've managed to build! Good luck and I really hope this project has a bright future! Silver
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
This charts look beautiful! We will replace some of our charts at cryptoground.com with this library.
Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero@duiker101 · Software Developer
Looks very nice! I was already thinking of updating one of my websites and this could go very well with it!
Razvan Ilin
Razvan Ilin@razvanilin · Software Engineer, Co-founder @Chartbrew
Amazing chart library! Might think about replacing chartjs with this in my project 🤔