Apex Ping

Uptime & performance monitoring for websites and APIs

Simple uptime and performance monitoring with flexible alerting, SSL expiration checks, global monitoring and performance statistics, latency histograms and more.

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Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for checking out my first product Apex Ping. I'll be continuing to add new features and improving reporting, happy to hear any suggestions you might have!
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@tjholowaychuk first off, thanks for being such a great inspiration for all engineers looking to start their own thing - bootstraping anything ain't easy at all. i love the fact that you share your process along the way. re product feedback - have you considered making it even more API oriented by supporting things such as "chained" (or connected) checks. eg. login - get auth token then reuse the auth token to do fetch a resource etc.
@vesln thanks man! Should be fun :). I've thought about leveraging scripting for the assertion side of things, but using it for full control over the requests could be pretty interesting!
@tjholowaychuk just wanted to +1 on what @vesln - thanks for being an inspiration to a ton of engineers :)
@tjholowaychuk Great job! Given your price for 30 checks, the one thing that keeps me with Pingdom is the Public Status Page. If you can make this happen, you've got yourself a new customer :)
@benoit great to hear! I'll have it in the pipeline soon. Updates will be in-app / https://blog.apex.sh/ if you're interested in staying informed there
Have followed TJ's open-source work for years and will definitely be trying this out for Unsplash. Super talented dude.
What a great looking app, love it.
The UI looks very very clean and nice. I love the fact that it actually support more than just HEAD requests. Looking forward to testing it out! You can read more about it on Medium.
I really didn't think I'd need another one of these. But darn! This is seriously beautiful and amazingly functional! Recommended all the way!