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Thanks Ben for seeking us out! Apester was started by @MotiCohen in order to challenge the current way content was being consumed by audiences. He set out to change the unilateral conversation that was being had between content creators and content consumers. Behold Apester, a new digital way to communicate and engage with your audience by making the audience an integral part of the content. Apester puts the voice of the reader back into the story to create a two way conversation. Apester in the past year has had the privilege of working with over 700 of the top publishers across the world.
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I think Apester is a great product, I definitely start seeing it everywhere which is cool, I like the animations and how the interactions are. Was wondering how you go about video in terms of engagement. Cheers and keep rocking.
@yoavush Hi Yoav, Thank you for the kind words :) We try to answer as many pain points as we can for our publishing partners - and video kpi's is certainly one of them! Our platform allows you to easily make your video interactive in a matter of a minute or two, with zero integration or productions costs - and see how it increases important metrics such as completion rate, time spent, social shares and more. And this is just Step 1 of our video product, with more to come pretty soon :)
Quick feedback: The website seems to scroll through really quickly without me doing anything and finding it hard to take it all in! Other than that, I'm really intrigued with an interactive platform for storytelling. What is the inspiration here? What are the big challenges you have to overcome taking stories to a whole new level? Do you think it will be a tough job to change peoples habits? @adirben @ran_peled @chiefapester
@bentossell Hi Thank you for the feedback :) Not sure if you saw @adirben reply further down to your questions. But here's his answer... The inspiration for us was to build an easy tool for editors and to enable them to bring the user voice to the story. We can clearly see that publishers that are using Apester regularly are seen some great results and the users are more involved in the story increasing the shares and the comments .
@ran_peled thanks... What about: "What are the big challenges you have to overcome taking stories to a whole new level? Do you think it will be a tough job to change peoples habits?" Any follow up on the site scrolling quickly? is this happening to anyone else?
@bentossell we are working with editors around the globe and our challenges is to show them the value of using Apester on a daily bases - once they see the value , they work with this all the time :) About the site - we're checking this now - for us it's not a known issue, but we are on it!
@bentossell Yep, I'm seeing the same scrolling issue
Nice hunt as always. Overall the branding and copywrite looks cool in my opinion. The interactive content market is growing by storm and i'd be curious to hear your plans of trying to stand out further as competition becomes fierce?
@yoavvilner Hi, thanks for this. It is a crazy hot field, and we really feel that in the past year we were able to stay ahead of the curve with our vision and products line - and that's how we intend of keep on doing it :) We can see how our vision is finding true partners in some of the world's most important publishers, and working with them on new developments is key for us in standing out in a very competitive field.
We (Gadgety) are big fans and using apester a lot :) keep the great work!
@urieli17 Thanks for the love! You too :)