Instantly create & share polls on chat and social

Apeo is a tool to help you instantly create and share polls through chat and social media. Once your poll is completed, you can gather anonymous results instantly.

The best thing about Apeo is that there is absolutely no friction to fill these polls as these can be filled using a Web app or an iOS app and responders don't need to sign in.

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Very often we are in situations when we need to get feedback or opinions of people near us to help us make better decisions. Whether it is to decide what to order for food, which design is better, where should we travel for a holiday or anything else, polls are extremely useful where we can instantly gather responses from others and then make decisions based on that. Apeo is a super useful utility app to help you instantly create and share polls on any social media channels. Once the poll is created and shared, you can analyze results easily. Here is a sample poll created using Apeo - http://app.apeo.co/2dnie6e
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@jitesh_dugar Thanks Jitesh for the hunt!! Much appreciated
Thank you Jitesh for the hunt We created Apeo to help groups and communities make democratic, quick desicions and gather insights on chat groups and social simultaneously after I fed up with the endless discussions and chatter on my WhatsApp groups Since we saw journalists and bloggers use it to reach followers on twitter and FB together and get their followers' opinions instead of quoting "Big polls" Love to hear any feedback and suggestions Jonathan - jr@apeo.co
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Found this app by a friend who sent a poll on our whatsapp group after 2 days of not reaching a simple decision. My side lost but at least the chatter was over :)
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Nice idea but unfortunately it does not work natively for example on Facebook and Twitter
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@krishnade Hi Krishna thank you for the feedback. Can you expand? I'd love to hear. Feel free here or at jr@apeo.co
@hey @jonathan_rudasevski, how are you planning to differentiate from similar products, say, Polly? Cheers!
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@hey @igoruphere Hi Igor. There are lots of great products out there and Polly is part of the new generation of products like Apeo who focus on short polls and mobile oriented. Polly is very focused on Snapchat followers while Apeo is focused on groups and communities through chat like WhatsApp and Telegram. It's a personal matter as well but it was important for us to let users customize the poll with a background pic to better express and design Love to hear what you think Have a great day J
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