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Hi every hunter, my name is Junjie Shi, co-founder of Apartment Ocean. Advisor Mary is a virtual real-estate advisor in the Slack App Directory. Welcome to add her to your team. And please let us know the feedback! We will keeping improving the service and help renters to find good apartments. I’d like to connect with everyone who is interested in building a better bot, please send a message on Twitter @junjieshi or chat with me on Facebook.
Hi guys! I'm the co-founder of Apartment Ocean. We created Apartment Ocean for two reasons: to make apartment search efficient and to make the search more personalized. We have done that by creating a virtual real estate advisor that can guide you to make an optimal decision. Everything that a human real estate advisor does, we automated. In searching for the apartments, we put emphasis on user's personal interest and lifestyle as well, we all know it is not just about quantitative factors such as number of rooms or bathrooms. The bot is your personal real estate advisor which will search apartments for you. It will ask you a few questions and it will give you recommendations based on your answers. We know you all are very busy working, so let our bot help you with the apartment search. Please let me know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your feedback. For more info about our bot, please visit this link: http://impact.apartmentocean.com...
So do you see the apartment-finding bot as being useful for businesses that relocate their employees often, or more for personal use within Slack? Also, @erictwillis you beat me to the punch! This was my Wednesday Hunt. :P Ah well, you snooze, you lose!
@kikischirr Haha. Really? I've been sitting on this one for a few days :)
@kikischirr The bot is for personal use within Slack, and very soon within Facebook. Apartment Ocean website is mostly focused on employee relocation.