Tracking, sharing and discovering anime

Cool, nice to see the mix of discovery + social platform for anime. Does the app take its ratings and descriptions from MyAnimeList/another website, or does it have its own system?
@keydaliu Currently it uses MyAnimeList ratings and descriptions, we're going to support and soon too!
When we saw there were anime fans looking to complement the watching anime experience with a tracking functionality with a social side on mobile we decided that it was time to create something new. We already had AnimeTrakr on the AppStore, but since it only tracked few anime, we decided to start from scratch. A group of users from AnimeTrakr joined our facebook group and after brainstorming we got hands on. Our biggest user request has been to be able to track all anime including OVA, ONA and Movies, the app had to be simple and at the same time have extensive information of all anime ever aired. After months of hard work. We're thrilled to bring Aozora to the iPhone and iPad. We've optimized the performance so the app is incredible fast. One of the best 'features' of the app is it's incredible community, if you want to discuss a new episode or get recommendations, there will always be someone who's willing to contribute. The team is stoked to get this out there and finally integrate tracking + social. We're supporting MyAnimeList and are planning to support and in the future. Glad to hear what do you all think and answer your questions – wherever you are!
Awesome app, UX is very fluid and its getting even better with every update.