Create high-performing AdWords campaigns in minutes

A simple AdWords companion tool with 4 features that:

1. Help generate keywords & key phrases

2. Create single keyword ad groups (SKAGs)

3. Optimize campaigns for CPA

4. Manage negative keywords in a unique way

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17 Reviews4.7/5
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @_jacksmith for helping us out! We started Aori with the idea of creating a simple and powerful AdWords tool that anyone could use to make higher-performing campaigns. We fell in love with the campaign structure called “single keyword ad groups” or SKAGs. The result of this approach is an exact match between the search term and the keyword—then costs per click go down and conversions go up. But it can be difficult to scale up and then to maintain at scale. So, we decided to make a tool that would do it for us. Here’s a highlight of some of Aori’s best features right now: -A key phrase builder (easily hundreds created) -Keywords and key phrases put into single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) and synced with your AdWords account -Ad templates -Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) for long-tail keywords (AdWords can’t manage this) -CPA optimization that focuses on your best-performing keywords -Advanced negative keyword management that can only be used with SKAGs We would be happy for any feedback! Enjoy :)
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@_jacksmith @ngoldo As I understand, this service is an international version of the Aori (advertising aggregator)? :) Or not?
@realrus No, it's a brand new product :)
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John HollingEntrepreneur

Looking forward to seeing what Aori does to my click through rates on my ads. The platform created about 1200 ads in a matter of minutes, with just a few minutes spent adding some details. That's pretty cool!


Easy to set up, very reasonably priced, seems like it will make managing my ads account easier.


None so far.

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Trying to make great martech tools :)
Thanks so much @jbhphx! We really appreciate your feedback. We are happy to help if you have any questions about the features or about how to fully leverage to power of Aori :)
Irfan QureshiDigital Marketer / Conservationist
Been using this product for a month. TL;DR - Great platform and has potential but not worth spending money on right now. Pros: - UX is good, clean and neat. - The Campaign builder is great, saves time and is intuitive Cons: - Sync with Google AdWords is temperamental. Their support says it syncs every 30 minutes. Whereas, in reality it took over 1 hour (on average) for a successful sync. - Customer Support: It seems there are two people and usually not helpful if your questions are technical. - Autosaving - If you are busy creating variations of ads and refresh, you loose everything in the campaign except the keywords.
Been using Aori for over a year now. Great product, the team is very helpful if something goes wrong and quick to respond. Saves loads of time creating SKAGs. I used to do all this by myself using excel but the system Aori has seat up cuts down loads of time. Tried a few alternatives and always go back to Aori, they seem to be the industry standard when it comes to creating Single Keyword Ad Group Campaigns. Looking forward to the new product updates and features soon to be released. Keep up the good work!
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