A proximity live-feed for posts nearby!

Anyway is actually live now! We just finished the iOS and Android app and launched at UC Davis! It's a live feed of nearby posts, kind of like Yik Yak was, except the more you like the post, the higher it climbs and the bigger it's discovery radius becomes!

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Hey PH! Anyway just got released on both app stores, and this represents a major milestone to us because now you can actually use it! Every post gets an initial 5 mile radius, and you can spam the like button to place it higher in the 'top' list. Not only that, but the more it gets liked, the bigger that 5 mile radius becomes!
I really like the idea. I hope this catches fire and spreads. I downloaded the app but since nobody has it around here in India, I wasn't able to find anything interesting. Questions: 1. What kind of posts can I post? Could it be anything personal? 2. Will my posts be visible to everyone or just my friends/followers? 3. Could the posts be reviews of a place/restaurants/malls etc.? Suggestion: 1. You could use Foursquare's API(I do not know if they allow this) to show some filler data for places until people start posting up. 2. It really bugged me that there wasn't Facebook/Google login.
@siddharth_mungekar1 I’m glad you like the idea! You can post literally anything, and it will be visible to everybody within a 5 mile radius (or more, if it gets likes). You can review things, tell people about cool places, or complain about bad stuff - Anyway is just a “broadcast” tool (at least in the MVP stage) kind of like Yik Yak was. Seeding data is definitely a good idea and I’ll look into doing that ASAP. Adding Google login is going to happen next update or so, I also hate entering in my email. Thanks for the feedback man, I appreciate it!
@siddharth_mungekar1 also, I added a couple of filler posts just so it wouldn’t be completely empty, their radius should reach India
Great idea!