AnyTrans for Cloud

Manage all your cloud drives at one place with one login

Access all your files of multiple cloud drives from one place and meet all your data management needs – upload, download, preview, organize, delete, rename, copy, paste, move files or search across all clouds to spot the file you want in a flash.

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Rebon Snow
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Hey guys, this is Rebon from iMobie, the maker of AnyTrans for Cloud. Firstly, we’d like to thank @kwdinc and @producthunt team for hunting us! Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to tell you a little more about AnyTrans for Cloud. For any questions or feedback about this product, please do feel free to share with us and I’d be more than glad to answer you here. It’s your support that makes us better. AnyTrans for Cloud is an all-in-one cloud manager that is available for macOS, Windows, and we also make a web-based version to help users enjoy it anytime anywhere. As a cloud manager, it helps you transfer, manage, and share your cloud files across multiple cloud drives, including Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, pCloud, Google Photos. The web version additionally covers more cloud services like Facebook, Instagram, Yandex, Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Cloud No need to switch apps back and forth, you can now access and manage all cloud drives with one login. No matter you want to move all cloud contents to another online storage, or just transfer certain files, it always helps you instantly achieve cloud-to-cloud synchronization, as quickly as you wish. Besides a direct cloud-to-cloud transfer, you can also use it do download/upload files in bulk from/to cloud drive, with a speed much faster than cloud itself. Better yet, you are free to share cloud files/folders with your friends or colleagues via a simple link, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or email, anywhere, anytime. We know how important it is to keep your data safe and secure, that's why we added AnyTrans for Cloud with Google 2FA, Apple 2FA verification, and SSL-256 encryption technologies. Your data is never stored on our servers and is confidential to yourself, no one can access without your permission and awareness. We’ll keep working hard to make AnyTrans for Cloud more effortless to use and more powerful to manage multiple clouds simply and efficiently. So any feedback from you is greatly appreciated – please help us make AnyTrans for Cloud a tool that you’ll really like. Thank you for all your precious time to read this, and we’d love to hear from you!
Babken Karapetyan
Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
Interest idea
Arnò SThe future is here.
will test it out..looks great