AnyTrans 5

Transfer, back up and manage iPhone data all with one app

AnyTrans 5 breaks iTunes limitations, and makes it 100% free for you to manage and transfer your music, photos, messages, contacts, and all other data & files from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to Mac, to iTunes, or to another iOS device, and vice versa, wasting no time or effort. It even allows you to preview and extract any data you want from iTunes and iCloud backups freely onto Mac without performing full restore - for example, you can preview every single message inside of your backup file and extract it directly without restoring everything else alongside.
@kwdinc this thing is not 100% free here is the
Hey @annonymous, yes, some advanced features of AnyTrans are available in paid version only. Good news, we'll have a Thanksgiving big deal later this month, which will give up to 90% off discount for AnyTrans - that is only $3.99 instead of original $39.99. :)
@jocelyuki I'll wait for that.
Will this make it easier to extract and import Health data, making it possible to start over new on iOS and insert the Health data into the new iOS install?
@klavr Hey Tom, thank you for your interest in AnyTrans 5. Unfortunately it's not able to extract Health data for now. I've forwarded your feedback to our dev. team and they'll work on it, try to find a way and add this feature in the next version. Thank you again for your comment! :)
@klavr Hey Tom, good news! Our dev team have worked the way out and it's now able to transfer Health data from old iPhone to a new iOS device via Merge feature of AnyTrans. :)
@jocelyuki That's crazy and so fast!
@jocelyuki Transferring Health data from one phone/install to another is a huge problem by itself for a lot of people. I would recommend to research into the market potential and see if it is interesting enough to make transferring Health data a standalone app!
@klavr Thank you for your suggestion Tom! We'll make a research and analyze the possibility. Thank you for your nice feedbacks. :)
AnyTrans is the Ultimate iPhone Manager 💫
Hey guys, hope I’m not late. This is Jocelyn from iMobie, the developer of AnyTrans 5, as well as the previously hunted product MacClean and PhoneClean. First of all, we’d like to thank @kwdinc and @producthunt team for hunting us! We do appreciate that we can have a chance to tell you a little more about AnyTrans 5. For any questions about this product, I’ll be more than happy to answer here, and your feedbacks will make us better. AnyTrans 5 is available for both macOS & Windows. As an iPhone manager, it gives you full control over all data and files in your iPhone, as well as your iPad and iPod touch – music, photos, messages, contacts, etc. Whether you want to manage, back up or transfer data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to PC/Mac, to iTunes, or to another iOS device, and vice versa, you can do it freely in just one simple click with AnyTrans 5. Better yet, AnyTrans 5 gets you full access to every iTunes or iCloud backup of yours, preview and extract message/photo/music/contact or just any important data you want from backup file directly onto PC/Mac. We’ve spent a whole year to make AnyTrans 5 the fastest iOS data transfer tool in the market and we’ll keep working to make it both easy and powerful, making AnyTrans the ultimate iPhone manager you’ll really like. So any feedback from you is greatly appreciated – that’s what helps us get better. :) Thanks for all your precious time to read this, and we’d love to hear from you!
@jocelyuki Does it work for voicemail backup?
@bradenhamm Yes, you can export voicemail to computer for backup. :)