Anytime by Utelly

All your catch-up & on-demand TV in 1 app

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Not sure if this is just UK-only: as the available services have UK channels but also Netflix and Amazon. App store description: Available Online Services - BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player, 5 on demand, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, NowTV, Recommendations - Discover all the shows you will love, based on your profile and your watching habits. What's Trending - See what others watch and like on Twitter and other social networks. Show and Search Trackers - Track a show, a collection or a search and get alerts when new stuff becomes available on catch-up and on-demand. Customise Your App - Select/deselect online services you want, and never get content of shows you can't or don't like to watch!
@bentossell thanks a lot for highlighting our latest app. We thought an app dedicated to VOD services was much needed. It's very UK centric atm but we are working on ways to make it more useful for our US friends. We are also featured on the UK app store this week ("apps we love") so it's all super exciting.
@bentossell the US version is not in beta, any chance we can get into the category ?
ProductHunters, Utelly Anytime US version is ready to take beta testers. C'mon in!