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Quentin Delaoutre
Quentin DelaoutreMaker@qdelaoutre
Hi everyone, The compatibilities have been one of the major headache in the IoT landscape. We are happy to propose a solution in this new version. ⌚💡🏠 is a place for IoT Lovers to find the best new smart devices and their compatibilities. You can list your smart things on the website, see how they work together and find new compatible devices. For example, you would see that you can control the temperature with your voice using your Nest Thermostat with your Amazon Echo through IFTTT. We would love to have your thoughts on the website and are happy to answer any questions you have! 👍 Quentin
Matthew Howells-Barby
Matthew Howells-Barby@matthewbarby · Marketing Director @ HubSpot
@qdelaoutre great idea! Thanks for putting this together.
Quentin Delaoutre
Quentin DelaoutreMaker@qdelaoutre
@matthewbarby @qdelaoutre Thanks for your feedback.
David Diamond
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
I think this is cool, but I have to say, that cold tweet wasn't.
Quentin Delaoutre
Quentin DelaoutreMaker@qdelaoutre
@david_diam Apologies for the blunt introduction. Happy to know that you value the concept!
Mike Khristo
Mike Khristo@mike_khristo
@david_diam what is a cold tweet?
Nick Loui
Nick Loui@nloui · Co-Founder, CivicFeed
This is great! IOT is so fragmented right now that having a resource for what-talks-to-what to support it seems necessary. The "Works With" feature is handy, and suggested a couple creative ideas for using my devices that I hadn't thought of. Is there the ability for the community to suggest scenarios?
Quentin Delaoutre
Quentin DelaoutreMaker@qdelaoutre
@nloui Hi Nick, Thanks for your comment. I would love to add the scenario that you will suggest. Please contact me through the chat of the website.
Rik@rikvandonselaar · Founder Where To Take Your Date @WTTYD
TomTom Spark please :)
Kai Ytterberg
Kai Ytterberg@kaiytterberg · Systems Engineer, Spotify
Is there a way to look at the ones that I heart? I would like to be able to like/heart the ones I would like to get and be able to go through them..