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Hello Hunters, I know there are many teams designing new smart devices every day. As it is a rapidly growing market, the Internet of Things landscape is becoming complex and noisy. That’s why I wanted to provide you information about the existence , the availability, the features and the prices of the smart devices worldwide. I would be glad if you could tell me what you think of this project. I am open to any feedback. Thanks for your help.
Good concept. I'm huge into home automation. I have a smart things hub and a ton of devices so this would be something of interest to me. That said, the site is not fully responsive, mobile friendly. Clicking on a category like gaming produces a jumble of a page. I recommend fixing that. My tip: use the mobile media query to change the cells (td) into 'display:block' so they stack.
@xcast3d Thank you very much for you message. There are still a huge work to be done before providing a dedicated experience to help people find the smart devices that fits their needs on We added your feedback about improving mobile experience in our roadmap and we will check your tip. Thank you again.