Create and post custom stickers for Instagram Stories 🌈

AnySticker is a super cool way to spice up your Instagram Stories! For those moments when emojis or text just isn't enough.

My personal favorite is the Internet speed sticker 😍

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Jonny Burger
Jonny BurgerMaker@jonny_burger · JS Hacker, check me out!
Hi everyone! When I realized that Instagram now lets third party developers post stickers to Instagram stories through deep linking, I immediately thought there is a lot of potential. As an avid Instagram user, I've always looked for new ways to use the platform and wanted more tools to create cool stories. With AnySticker, you can create a sticker and post it within a few seconds. Just type some text, select an icon and a color scheme, and you're ready to go. Please let me know how you like it and I'll be here in the comments if you have questions.
Savelii Kovalenko
Savelii Kovalenko@savelii · Marketing Manager, CleverPumpkin
Seems like a cool way to improve my stories. Will give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
Lucas Pelloni
Lucas Pelloni@lucas_pelloni · Software Engineer
Hi Guys! This app is really fantastic. It allows users to customize more and more their insta stories ! It is very easy to use and it is well-designed! Good job!
Jure Sić
Jure Sić@jure_sic · Front-end Developer
Great app! Is there an option to add multiple stickers?
Jonny Burger
Jonny BurgerMaker@jonny_burger · JS Hacker, check me out!
@jure_sic Hi Jure! It's a bit complicated, the Instagram API itself does not allow multiple stickers to be added, but you can kinda do it: 1. Shoot a story in Instagram and press the 'Save' button 2. Create a sticker in AnySticker and launch it in Instagram 3. Position the sticker and press the 'Save' button again 4. Create another sticker in AnySticker, select the saved story and launch it in Instagram again. So you have to jump through a few hoops unfortunately, but I think enthusiastic Instagram Stories posters will not be stopped! 😄
Jack Kim
Jack KimHunter@jack7kim · Founder @ Ember Labs
I've been using AnySticker for my IG Stories and love it so far. The app is well designed (clean, simple) and works quite smoothly. Looking forward to seeing how the app grows!