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Hey everyone, head of product for AnyPerk here. Was hoping to tweak a couple more things before submitting to Product Hunt ;), but please let me know what you think. Thanks @clemnt. Correct, we are currently very much focused on B2B and direct sales for the moment. Hoping to shift the balance to show a little more value to end users over the next few months. @phillipithomas, love Zenefits. We tend to think of payroll, benefits, and perks as the three big ways SaaS can help out HR Comp & Benefits teams and there's a YC company for each!
Guys, this is so rad. I'm going to comment on my first impression because I haven't touched the product itself and can't speak on employee perks as it's not my forte. 1- Large hero text is perfect and to the point. Saving on brands + social proof of companies that use your service is helpful as it gives me a sense of trust and confidence in taking action. 2 - "Why Anyperk" delightfully simple and clean. The design and clarity tells me you respect me as a user. 3 - The Call to action could be larger/louder, and should maybe have an arrow or a title. Right now the box asks for name/email/phone but it feels like something is missing. That's it. Kudos and thanks for sharing on Producthunt
Love AnyPerk!!
This is legit. Being in Hong Kong, we don't usually get tailored products like this. Any chance the dev team would be able to look into it? Lots of perks here.
Interesting model. I also like the "If your company isn't an AnyPerk member, introduce us to your HR Director. You get $50." and the chrome plugin looks useful too. That said it lacks a bit of "sexyness" to make me want to join (I don't see any perk, how it really works...) as an employee. Maybe their model is more B2B based via direct sales to companies.