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AnyFit is is an app which provides customisable workouts for all levels. If your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or get fit, then AnyFit must be a great choice. Unlike the other fitness apps, it is completely free and the workouts can be adjusted to your level. In addition, a 3D trainer is implemented to make the user's progress smoother.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
This should be named differently - is a much better app and has been around for much longer
@craig_morris Thank you for the advice, I'll change it for sure.
@craig_morris The two apps are actually different as one focuses on gym workouts and muscle groups and the other (this one) focuses on home workouts. The name does need a tweak but the idea that it is a "much better app" is subjective.
@craig_morris @harmswaychad Exactly, the purpose of my app was to provide the users with workouts which can be performed at home by just using their bodyweight. For me it was also important to submit a free app. The app name will be changed by the end of this week.
@craig_morris @harmswaychad @viktor_maric maker of Fitbod here (the other one). It's good to see others working to build great fitness products! This is exciting. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you need anything (though change the name ;)
@craig_morris @harmswaychad @allen_chen1 Hahaha, this comment has definetly made my day! Good luck for you as well!:)
I am currently using Strong as the fitness tracking app but the biggest problem I found with it was the lack of showcasing how certain exercises are done. Going to check out this next time I visit the gym.
Exactly what I've been looking for. Though I don't have iPhone. Is Android app far away? If yes, would a simple website be an option for us non-iOS users? Cheers
@martinsanton I’m planning to make an android version for the app, but it will take some time for sure. The website method is a good advice, so I’ll keep it in my mind, although I can’t promise anything.
Looks good. All of us (computer geeks) needs it
Ah-h, home workouts never worked for me 😄