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+20M people rely on to keep their lives under control is an all-in-one productivity platform designed to help people and teams stay organized and get more done.
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Hey all! After a lot of hard work, 4.0 is finally here combining your to-do's, calendar, and a smart assistant to help you keep life under control. The Assistant is powered by a combination of AI and humans that makes this the only to-do list that just does itself, so you have time for what matters. To get on the Assistant waitlist, go to
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@omer_perchik Hey Omer - I've been looking to renew my Any.DO videos - drop me a line. This looks cool! ( is the latest to get on the #ConvComm band-wagon — going beyond task management to assistant-driven task execution! How cool would it be to add tasks to your to-do manager, and suddenly they're just... done? That's what @OmerPerchik and team seem headed towards!
@chrismessina @omerperchik This Assistant service looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
My favorite GSD app of all times! Loving it!
@kobaiko Me too. There are so many out there but this is the only one that has stuck for me. Tried quite a few but love
It's amazing to have an application that just makes your life easier. Tasks get lost on task lists. Anyone gets them off your list. What more could you ask for.
I've been using it since launched 5 years ago? I don't exactly remember how much but a lot f time. I use it every day. What works perfectly for me is the moment, a review every day of the things you have to do. This keeps you active about doing them and really HELPS. It's very easy to add tasks too and to program them for today, tomorrow or next week. For me is for short time things or actions that close on their self. For thing that need many steps or elaboration I use Trello. I'm not using the calendar feature, it was confusing and I didn't have the time to explore it. Great work! I recommend it a lot!