The ultra-portable, ergonomic bamboo laptop stand

Antstand prevent neck pain by raising your screen by 8 inches. Antstand is bamboo and so portable that it packs flat in your laptop sleeve, yet is sturdy and weights just 7 Oz (200g).

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Who the F threw that?
It's really expensive though. I bought a Stood stand ( a few years back, work the same - costs half.
Thanks for the feedback @jonaslomholdt stood is a nice design although it's not really high enough to make an impact to comfort as the screen really needs to be a bit higher. That's why it needs to be a bit more complex - hence the price- paul
@jonaslomholdt thanks for the mention! :)
@theantstand Sounds reasonable Paul :) Thanks for explaining. Good luck with the Antstand.
@ricricucit No problemo. Really enjoy my @getstood stand.
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nice product :)
@crowx Thanks Edward