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Added to my boating collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@anuj...
@anujadhiya I've been looking to a rent a boat for the past few days. Wish I had seen your collection earlier!
@alikafridi Bummer! Maybe you can be the savior for someone you know looking for the same thing now :D
@anujadhiya nice collection. you can add boatbee.com to it as well
@anujadhiya thanks for the add, Anuj! Much appreciated!
@anujadhiya Hey Anuj, maybe you might want to add Navily to your list http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... :D
Cool! How does this compare to similar services like www.incrediblue.com?
@vrypan there are quite a few differences: we operate on a 100% sharing-economy basis, therefore maintain a low price level. We offer only skippered boat holidays & bookings are made directly from the owners. Listing a boat is for free, whereas for the client, there is only an avg. 7% service fee (as opposed to the normal 20-55% that charter agencies charge) and with that we can guarantee total refunds, individualized service and safe payment methods to everyone.
Really cool idea. While you might not think it, Minnesota has thousands of lakes and thousands of boats that could be in this service. Any idea when you'd add some stateside locations?
@paulprins thank you, much appreciated! We're currently focused on operating in the Mediterranean this summer, however the next step is the Caribbean where our focus will be starting this Fall. Boat owners in the U.S. are however also most welcome to list their boats for free anytime, so it is a good chance that we'll have some stateside locations up soon as well!
@nitrogen Don't know if airbnb allows you to take the boat wherever you want. Also not sure airbnb boats provide certified captains to take you around.
@nitrogen As far as we are informed, Airbnb offers boats as accommodation for overnight stay only, the boat is not supposed to move anywhere and is docked, therefore serving the traveler same way as any other apartment on Airbnb.
Will give this a look. I'm guessing https://boatbound.co/ is the main competitor?
@yo thanks, let us know what you think! Boatbound.co is operating in the U.S. mainly, whereas we are only present in the Mediterranean for now, however about to cover the Caribbean seas very soon as well. Also, their core business is bareboat and short-term rentals, but Antlos only offers skippered all-inclusive boat holidays, focusing on ~7 day cruises.