Addictive turn based strategy game!

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Awesome game! Playing it last to weeks
@rmilovanov Hahahah totally! Reminds me a lot of Slay!
@rahulr047 @rmilovanov Granted I haven't played it, but it looks _exactly_ like Slay, which is also available on the play store:
@drakythe @rmilovanov Yup! No denying it haha
@drakythe @rahulr047 Absolutely! I have never heard about Slay before, so I've just discovered it and... yes, this game is just a clone, but I think it is the case when the clone appears to be better than original
@rmilovanov Thats reasonable, clones are better than the original a lot of the time, though I think in this case it might be an artifact of the fact that Slay is something like 15+ years old. I remember playing it on a shareware disc back in the 90's. I'm still sad he hasn't ported Critical Mass to mobile devices, but Slay, MoaB (Mother of all Battles), and Critical Mass are all childhood memories for me. Check out more of his stuff here:
That is amazing! What an awesome idea, love it!
Spectating the game for more than a year - happy to see that it's surviving Playmageddon, which is taking place in the PlayMarket now with other indie games.