Use Twitter as if you’re signed in from any user account

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"Antipersona is an art piece that explores the universal desire to be someone else" Increasingly, apps and tech are being used for artistic expression or to make a statement much like music and "older" forms of media.
awesome project for user research. Type in a teens name, and see twitter through their eyes. I just 'became' @ Jack and saw just how many people are tweeting Twitter complaints at him everyday 😂 One bummer- you can only do one persona per day.
Weird that anyone would want to do this Wonder if this will have the same fate as Being
@bentossell weird that anyone would want to use Twitter as Taylor Swift, indeed. As a marketer I could see using this to see Twitter through my competitors eyes, or more importantly through my target customers eyes. I think this would be a great tool for rounding out a customer persona and building empathy for your audience.
I was always wondering what it would feel like if you get a real shitstorm over your Twitter account. This lets me see how that goes. It might also create more of a feeling of empathy, for being a media figure and how you have to experience anonymous people taking a piss on you. I find that one of the weirdest things on Twitter and social media in general: people acting rude because they are anonymous.
I wonder how the timelines were reconstructed without running into Twitter's rate limits?