THE SMALLEST 6DOF positional tracker in the World

Antilatency is an inside-out tracking system provider for VR/AR
that enables an unlimited multiuser experience within the
tracking area without restrictions on scale or shape.
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16 Reviews5.0/5

Using it with full body haptics, body tracking and biometry.


-Precise positioning -Fair/affordable pricing policy -Easy to use and maintain -Use cases not limited to VR (Includes sport and healthcare)


No cons ;)

Everything is fine


- no latency so you can play in VR room all day - cheap enough to make you own VR room at home - excellent service - easy to settle


Long delivery (1.5 weeks since order)

ALT enables building large scale VR super-multiplayer (crowd size) with affordable full body tracking, plenty of physical props and drone-camera integration to capture and broadcast the action. All within one platform. Amazing!
Great product and team. Good luck, guys!
That's awesome an inside-out tracking system for VR/AR!
@adno Thank you, Andrey, for hunting us! That was more than three crazy years of startup life. We have been designed the whole system from scratch and now this is a delightfully engineered beautiful piece of hardware. I hope that our multi-purpose solution will fit most of the needs of AR/VR community and will help technology enthusiast to get better results with one of the precisest and stablest positional tracking system