Email, IP address and phone number validation API service

#5 Product of the DayApril 20, 2019
Antideo maintains large database with spam and scam records, IP locations and infected ranges, proxy records and many more. We are keeping our database updated regularly from various sources, as well as collecting some of the data ourselves.
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Entered anything, made up addresses and it reported all was okay. I’d have expected this tool to report that it was an invalid address.


Great idea and very useful.


It didn’t work for me (email test). No matter what I made up, it told me the email was fine. It didn’t detect a fake account.

Hi Buddy, Appreciate you taking time to drop a review, but I am afraid you probably misinterpreted the capabilities of Antideo. Antideo is meant to filter out disposable email addresses and emails ID's know to be spammers,scammers. We have had good reviews from our users about the service and it's effectiveness. Also note that the product is currently being worked on to add more features, email syntax check, email validation are in the pipeline. I hope you will give it another shot and be a part of the improvement journey of the product. It has a free tier that you can subscribe to..
Have not directly used this product but I know the company I work with uses the product to validate their leads and so far I don't think they have had any issues.
Didn’t work for me. Test any email and JSON response is all okay.