A messaging app to test how much you know about each other.



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IakMaker@belkiakov · Founder, Anticipatalk
Hello Product Hunters ! Anticipatalk is a messaging app where you will test your knowledge of each other. (friends, family, partners...). In other words, the main purpose of the app is not only to see how well you know your friend, but also to test the knowledge of your friends about you. Concretly, this translates into a messaging service that works as follows: First , type the message you want to send to your friend ( so far nothing more classic ) , Then enter a second message; but here you will try to imagine your friend's response . The idea here is to choose the answer that could potentially send your friend when he has read your first message . Once you have entered the two messages, you just have to send them. Your friend will respond in the same way by sending a double message, and so on. Besides, say you're going to guess is not entirely correct because it seems pretty restrictive. What interests us more is whether the answer you have chosen may come from your friend. In short, you will really know how your friend sees you , and ask yourself the following question when you receive the message : "Could i have said that? " . You'll give a new meaning to your relationship and above all, there will be humorous moments. So finally we can sum up, in a few words, the mission of the app. Here it is in one sentence: put yourself in your friends' shoes. This is the first version of the product so i'm looking forward to discussing with you and get your feedback. I will be happy to answer questions here or at . Thanks PH !