A reaction button for the web (pre-launch)

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These guys are doing awesome things, they aren't really pre-launch as they are already being used on lots of sites like CheatSheet, Dlisted, OkayPlayer, and more. I recently joined on as an advisor and really excited about what they are doing.
Interesting new product from the Durham area. ht @averyj... also looks like @alexisohanian is a user of the product?
@averyj @blendahtom Aye, I've known the founder for quite some time now, advised, and watched the product continue to evolve. Seems they're really on to something now.
Durham NC? Hello from Asheville! Great little product. I've often thought trade shows need something like this for panel discussions. Sure some of the top trade shows have fancy feedback tools, but something like this would be great for letting everyone pull up each panel discussion they attend, on their phone, to rate it. It would be great for getting feedback for future conference speakers/topics.
YES!! Big fan of Porter and his team (originally called ReadrBoard). They also have some impressive e-comm items coming down the pipeline!
This looks awesome. Can't wait to try it. Every attempt to survey users in my ecom site has gotten virtually zero engagements.