Team CRM on Gmail/Outlook & Slack always up-to-date using AI

AntEater is a smart CRM for teams on Gmail, Outlook & Slack that keeps itself up-to-date using AI.
Manage activity with leads, customers, vendors, candidates, projects & contacts and discover connections & experts in and outside of your organization.
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Hello hunters! 👋 Why did we create AntEater? Well, it's just too hard to keep track of all activity over email 📥 and Slack in any sized team... and then some people use CRM's but they suck because they require you to go and enter everything and keep things tidy and up to date. So we decided to use the power of AI 🤖 to automatically create all contacts, people, organizations, activity and topics (=projects, skills, interests) by learning from existing communications in your team. That means that you have a 100% up-to-date, accurate dashboard of everything that's happening. Oh, and we have a Slack app so you can ask AntEater from Slack and get your answer in 3 seconds. Who can use this? People in sales: to track relationships & close deals faster with new introductions & connections💰 For Project Managers & Operations: to stay on top of activity with your team across all accounts, contacts & organizations 🚄 For developers & tech folks: Find experts on topics in and outside of your team, e.g. "Who is an expert on the Python migration?" 🖥 We think you might like what we've been cooking lately - and we've got a few surprises down the road like automatic pipelines and other goodies. 🙏Check it out and please let us know what you think! - Team AntEater
@alexanteater This looks cool. How do we test out pipelines for deals & projects?
@danielle_wolfe1 Pipelines is in beta. You can PM me and I'll send you a coupon to try it for free.
I like the automatic contacts but how do I remove contacts from the list?
@elizabeth_ward3 Any contact, company, topic or activity you wish to hide has a little "hide" icon in the form of an eye - just click that!
This is intriguing, the passive way it collects the info can really solve a pain point for us as people tend to be spotty in using tools. I'd love to try the pipeline feature as well! Where would I PM you Alex?
@alexander_kaplan email me - would love to have you trial it out & give feedback.
Also, do you have permissions levels? Perhaps a manager may not want all of their communications available to direct reports in their system....
@alexander_kaplan in short yes we do. Visit Connect -> settings. in long we encourage all members of a team to contribute! But you can ask to join a team (the team owner/admins always need to approve new team members, and team members all need to belong to the same domain) and take a peek without sharing (other team members will know though). e.g. your CEO, VP Sales or IT guy wants to take a tour. AntEater is a platform that boosts team that believe transparency will make them more productive so every step of the UI encourages transparency & trust between team members. e.g. everyone on your team can see the queries that are submitted. with great power comes great responsibility. Also, internal conversations are automatically ignored (we focus on external by default) as well as HR, finance & sensitive topics (by training the AI models on 2,400 variations).