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Hi guys, I'm Loi, co-founder of AntBuddy, a simple, free and unified communications solution for all businesses. AntBuddy combines telephony and business data on the same network and interface to give small businesses the ability to use, store and search chat, voice (1v1 call & conference), and data in their daily business operations across multiple devices in real-time. We started AntBuddy as a simple messaging platform to connect our two offices (400 miles). But then we realised that we could do so much more than that. That's when we decided to combine our IT and Telecoms expertise to build AntBuddy on a hosted IP PBX system which is able to unify the customer support system with the internal communication platform. The internal communication platform is ready for business use (check us out at, and the customer support system will be ready in 3 months' time. We'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you, guys!
We also added AntBuddy to your Slack to make it more awesome with free CONFERENCE call with 1-click and UNLIMITED chat history search (no more 10k messages). Add AntBuddy bot to your Slack today to take your free Slack account to the next level Thank you, guys!
Wow, this is awesome!!!
@heislyc thank you