Wiki + Slack + Google Docs

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Hi, I made Answerbox! It's still very early, but we'd love to get some more folks trying it out and providing feedback! Just use the link on the home page. My goal was to make something that really encourages people to update the wiki, reduces friction in capturing and finding knowledge, and gracefully supports collecting links to information that might live in other places, like dashboards and documents.
I've been enjoying using Answerbox with Parenthoods! It's super light-weight and easy to use. Kudos @krave!
Very excited about this. My small (but distributed) team has always struggled with where certain information goes. If it's for a specific project, it ends up in Slack, or Asana. But if it's just company-wide info (like vacation policy) it may be in a shared Evernote, or in a Google Doc... and there's no clean way to link from one area to another... or to make a nice and simple TOC of all of our documents. This looks to solve that. We've tried wikis, but they seem so dated and inefficient... yet there's not much for small teams that have a modern feel (and that aren't overly Enterprise/expensive). Thanks @krave... this looks to be just what we're looking for. Can't wait to try the Slack integration as well. And I love the decision to make Search a prominent and key part of every page... It just invites confidence in dumping information into it.
@jasonglaspey Exactly. The world need somebody to do for wikis what Slack did for chat! Excited to hear your feedback.
Congrats @krave. I work with distributed teams all the time and we have knowledge repositories scattered all over the place. Looking forward to giving this a try. Also, hope to see you at future meetings in town.
@erik_howard Thanks! I'm excited for your feedback and meeting up again.