Anonymous Camera

Anonymize photos and videos in real time, locally on device

Remove metadata, cover faces and full bodies in photos and videos in real time, processed fully on device.
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6 Reviews4.2/5
Super user-friendly and I love that the first month of proceeds are going to supporting BLM orgs!
Hey everyone, co-founder of Playground here. 👋 We are very excited to launch Anonymous Camera today, a tool that lets you remove metadata, cover faces and full bodies in photos and videos in real time, processed fully on device. We’ve been working on Anonymous Camera for quite a while, designing it together with investigative journalists, researchers and activists. Real-time, on-device anonymisation is a vital tool when you have to make sure that you do not keep any potentially identifying material while you’re in the field. For journalists, we developed “Split Screen”, which lets you anonymise only one side of the frame while keeping another one clear, for example for interviews. This can be unlocked through an in-app purchase together with the option to remove our watermark. In the first month, all proceeds from this in-app purchase will be donated to Black Visions Collective and Unicorn Riot. We hope, especially right now, this tool can also be useful to even more people beyond journalists. When using it, keep in mind that it’s not always perfect and the people in your footage could be identified by other means than just their face or body. Additionally, methods like “Blur” are potentially susceptible to be reversed through adversarial attacks. Check out our “Safety & Privacy” card to learn more. We at Playground strive to create humane, useful applications of machine learning, and are excited to get Anonymous Camera, our first product, in your hands today. We can’t wait to share with you what’s next.
Amazing! This could really benefit my future career in porn.
is it available for Android too?
@ijazimran Unfortunately we are not on Android yet - but it is in the works 👍
I can´t find the full body Anonymisation... :(
@otho Yeah I'm not seeing feature either...hmmm..need better iphone maybe? @gabrieltmitchell
@otho @lancescadden1 Hey all - unfortunately the full body feature is only possible with iPhone XS and up. If you have an older version, the option is not displayed. Hope you are emojifying it 👍