Open-source anonymous email forwarding. Stop spam.

AnonAddy is an open-source anonymous email forwarding service that protects your real email address from spam by using a different unique email alias for every website. No adverts, analytics or trackers.
You can create unlimited email aliases for free!
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunt, I've been working on AnonAddy (short for anonymous email address) for the past few months with the vision of creating a privacy friendly, transparent and easy to use email forwarding service. AnonAddy protects your real email address from spam and allows you to identify who has sold your data by using a different unique email address for every website. You can create unlimited email aliases on the fly whenever you sign up to a new service. For example, if your username is johndoe, and you were signing up to Argos, you could enter and the email alias will be created automatically in your dashboard as soon as it receives its first email, which will be forwarded to your real email address (Argos will not be able to see what this is). Here’s a highlight of some of AnonAddy’s best features so far: - Add your own GPG/OpenPGP key per recipient to encrypt all forwarded emails - Add Custom domains - Anonymously reply to forwarded emails - Generate UUID aliases that look like - 94960540-f914-42e0-9c50-6faa7a38... - Add multiple recipients per alias - Add additional usernames to compartmentalise your aliases - Browser extension for Firefox and Chrome - API New features are added regularly in response to user feedback. A coupon is available this week until Friday 29th November for 50% off your first year - BLACKFRIDAY50 Any feedback or suggestions are very welcome. Thanks, Will
Very cool product! It will be very interesting to see how it develops! It's a must if you are interested in protecting and managing your personal data! Looking forward to following this one!
@tommy_p Thanks a lot Toma! I'll be adding plenty of new features going forward.
I came across this product and had a go using it for a few days which has now turned into several months. It's been interesting to see which websites that I used my anonymous credentials for have sold/passed them onto other companies, turns out it's quite common. The additional privacy and security contributes to peace of mind when submitting personal email info knowing it's now totally anonymous. Easy to use as well with quick support on any issues.
@justin_robinson Thanks Justin, really glad you're finding it useful.
Seriously great service. I'd underestimated how many times I give my personal email address out, so being able to use AnonAddy has helped me organise my inbox and reduce the amount of spam I have to deal with. The website is so nice to use, and it's open source and really affordable. Genuinely really grateful that this service exists!
Great product! I am using it already for a month, dont want to miss it. 100% supporting the dev.