Anon Tasks

Location based task reminder app 📍✅

anon tasks is a location based task reminder app. It reminds you of all your back burner tasks whenever you are in that location.

Anon is an on device app and thus does not store any personal data on any servers. If we don't store it, we can't misuse it :-).

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Nice! What's the advantage of using this over Apple Reminders which also uses location?
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@abadesi at this stage the one major advantage we have is folderless organising. Anon uses tags instead so the same task could belong to multiple categories. The other advantage is quite centric to places with traffic or commute issues. Since Apple reminders uses ‘on arrival’ or ‘when I leave’ options only, it tends to notify during commute simply because it assumes you have arrived. We are based in Bombay, we know this better than most of the world 😝. Anon on the other hand calculates basis your dwell time (customisable) and thus notifies only when it’s certain you are in that location. In future updates though we plan to release themes and a lot of other features which would set anon apart. Thanks sooo much for the support!😊
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Great idea for the product. Good luck
@bitrewards thanks for the support and kind words. They really do mean a lot! 😊
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Hello, I have purchase this app and have tried it twice to alert me. What I am finding is the alert is being seen in my notification view of my phone. However, I am not getting an audible alert. I have check my volume which is ramped up all the way and looked at the settings of your app. I do not see any sound settings in your app and again, I am not hearing the sound from your app. The idea of the app is nice but there has to be audible sound. Better yet, there should also be an inclusion to repeat the audible sound and vibration mind you included until the user select an acknowledgement of the alert. Please advise on my findings.