A 'rule of three' application to achieve ambitious goals

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Hello Everyone, I'm Troy, the creator of Annum. With Annum I wanted to build something simple that de de-cluttered the process of tracking and managing goals. Annum is designed to simplify the process of yearly goal tracking with daily commitments, subtle prompts and simple reminders. I would love your feedback, and let me know if there are any features that you think should be added or removed (I'm trying to push updates pretty regularly to fix any bugs). Cheers :) Troy
Looks interestign! Have you any plan to make the app for android?
@stepan_velichko hopefully in the near future :)
I like the "ambitious" goals message and the "rule of 3" - which I personally subscribe to. If you add a bit of story around why those two things, and specific examples of how Annum can be used, you're more likely to keep people's interest. Good luck!
@monicarmiller Thank you, will do :)