Annotable 2

Ultimate image annotation & markup tool

#4 Product of the DayApril 27, 2017

Annotable is the most full-featured all-in-one image annotation & markup tool on iOS.

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Hi Hunters, It is my first hunt here. Annotable is the ultimate all-in-one image annotation app on iOS. Many think it is the [best]( With the release of Annotable 2 I believe the best is even better now. 😃
@an0 I love your app and thought the updates today were terrific - I especially like the ability to add custom colours, the solid back ground, the additional fonts and text styles and the numbered arrows. I use your app almost daily so thanks for the additional features. It would be interesting to have the ability to make the new filled rectangle also have a slider to adjust the transparency perhaps in a future update? It was good to see that you have that as a style in the text 2.0 update. And perhaps some brush fonts in the future - that could make you of greater interest to Instagram creators too and as you are no doubt aware that platform is currently growing fast I have added this update to several of my curations here.
@krishnade I'm glad you like it:) What's the use case of transparent rects? And what do you mean by brush fonts?(Sorry I don't instagram that much)
@an0 Instagram is now at 700 m daily active users Use case for transparency is that many people especially journalists wll use it as you have done with text overlaid on it but they don;t always want it to be solid - the coloured transparency just helps text stand out such as a quote or captions on an image In terms of brush fonts then ones like this I hope this helps
@krishnade I see, thanks. So I think the use case of transparent rects is already covered by the new label-styled text in Annotable 2.
@an0 Great job with this. Clean and functional. Have you given any thought to allowing other apps to use your app (or a library version of it) in their own apps that could benefit from image annotation? Charge a license for it, of course. Just a thought. Let me know.
I want a live version of this for MacOS please :)
@stephenvoisey hopefully the iOS version can make enough money to bootstrap the development of a macOS version :p
One of my most used IOS apps. Thanks for creating :-)
Many improvements and new features added to the already great! Congratulations!
Thanks for making this. Great for adding notes to screens for our designer! Super clean 👌🏼
@kbclauson I'm glad you like it😋