Anna Faris is Unqualified - Aubrey Plaza

And Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt join the conversation!

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You're in for a real treat today! In this week's episode of "Unqualified," Anna and cohost/producer Sim Sarna welcome one of the most unique comedic talents in Hollywood: the one and only Aubrey Plaza! Listen as they discuss Andy and April's relationship from "Parks and Rec," and Aubrey's audition for "Star Wars." Among other hilarious moments, Anna and Aubrey consider their preferred murder weapons and why mens' balls smell like stale cheerios. The gang also calls two of their movie star friends for an uncensored conversation that's sure to have the internet buzzing! (Hint: they're co-stars in an upcoming movie.) Later, Anna, Sim and Aubrey offer unqualified advice to a woman having trouble navigating shared friends post-breakup, and try to help a man hopelessly in love with a woman who's about go back home to Australia...where she has a boyfriend.

Aubrey Plaza is one of my favorite actresses of all time. I'm so happy she and Anna did this podcast together! :)