Anna Assistant is AI assistant for Google Chrome, which allows you to do tasks like playing music, sending email, take screenshots, Open and Close websites, Ask directions, Post on twitter and many more features.

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This extension was a needed assistant for chrome so that we don't need to click here and there to get thing done. As i am lazy guy it was really helpful that now i can tell what i want to do to Anna


Make your life easier


till now no cons :)

Nice, I will try too

Its a great tool, with further development i feel like it would be an integral part of browser usage.


- easy to use

- has many integrations

- youtube video and reverse image search are amazing features


- Sometimes not responsive

Allowed access to microphone, but didnt react when i tried to activate it..


nice with a browser specific assistant


couldnt get it to pick up on my voice commands..

Thats weird, Can you check some browser audio recorder and its recording sound.
Thanks for sharing, @gauthamzz! Do you think Google would ever bring their assistant to Chrome?
@amrith They would have done by now, if they were going to. But it seems like they are only focused on pixelbook and chromebooks as of now.
@gauthamzz I agree with you that google is not doing much of innovation or improvements in their google chrome which is most important integral part of their system. As compared to Firefox and others they are pretty slow.
Great job !! 😊 Will try it out for sure !! You should bring in more optimum utilisation of Assistant such as opening email , automatically adding Book marks , closing chrome , delete cache etc.
Thank you so much :) @ayush_chandra It can already open email, set bookmarks, It can close and switch tabs but not close the whole browser and also it cant delete cache. Full list of features is on docs