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#4 Product of the DayMay 20, 2018

Animposts is a digital tool that helps to entrepreneurs, community managers and other many people to generate dynamic content, where you can edit, re-design, animate and download them so that you post them on social networks and your customers know the products and services you promote.

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you should've at least given the community a taste of your product without making us to sign in. Or you should've made a bit longer landing page. Right now i don't even have a clue whats the product is all about.
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Hi @jovisjoseph ! A cordial greeting from Ecuador. The feedback from our users is important and in fact you are right, we are going to work on improving the design of the landing page so that the sea more attractive to the time to register. At the moment you can enter a fake email, because we are interested in traffic of people who help us validate our prototype :)
@giovanny_merchan Feedback: I tried it for a few minutes and here is my feedback. Don't take it as an insult or anything it is just a feedback. I tried the product for maybe be for a time of 15 mins and it took me almost 10 minutes just to find out how to make a stuff move (btw, I'm a UI designer and I'm pretty familiar with motion graphics tools ). As a suggestion in the animation pane, you should classify the "FIXED, LOOP, BOOMERANG, HAVING"into something like 'play options' or something. And the MARK BEGINNING & MARK END into something like animation key points or something. Right now that whole pane is totally unusable. And without a layer panel and a minimal timeline, I don't think anyone can use this for something productive. And as a design tool, the overall user experience is very unintuitive. I think you should really consider consulting with some UX designers. And the rendering process is too long even for a basic animation
Hello @jovisjoseph we do not take as an insult the feedback of each user, in fact we need all the "aggressiveness" possible to do our job better. This is just a mvp and is not a justification, but rather is a basis for further improvement and in the worst case that does not serve then discard it quickly and prototype another product, so we need feedback, suggestions, advice, and any contribution from each of you to help us improve. Thanks :)
What is this?
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@faisal_hassanx A cordial greeting from Ecuador. Animposts is a digital tool that helps to create animated posts for your social networks. If you don´t have animation skills, don´t worry because our prototype was created for that. Enter a fake email in the landing page and enjoy it! :)
The landing page is in Spanish...?
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Hello @gregstone14 indeed, We are Ecuadorian developers that have been working on the prototype for Latin American customers, but also we want people from North America tell us a feedback about our prototype and business model that we are proposing. We invite you to enter a fake email an taste our digital tool. cordial greetings :)
@giovanny_merchan thanks for the explanation. I have relatives from Ecuador -so I understand. It just wasn't clear what was going on, but your explanation clears it up. Thanks again.
I agree with @jovisjoseph. I had google translate the landing page, but I don't want to share my email with yet another site just to decide if I want to know more about your product. At least give an example of something created with your product. If the machine animation on your landing page is the best example you have, then I'll pass.
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Hi @howard_keziah A cordial greeting from Ecuador. We understand your position and besides understanding it we accept it, we will improve the landing to make it more attractive. For now you can enter a fake email to test our mvp! :)
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot!!!! cordial greetings from Ecuador :)