Make Animoji videos with unlimited duration

AnimojiStudio lets you record Animoji videos with no time limit.

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Many people are bothered by the limitations of the standard Animoji app that comes with iMessage, so I decided to make this app that allows you to record Animoji videos with unlimited time. Unfortunately, it uses a private API so I can't publish it to the App Store.
@_inside does I️t need to be sideloaded?
@3raxton Yes, I️t does
This is great, it gave me the idea to open a youtube channel with animojis instead of my face, I'm too shy hahaha
@schpn Mind sharing the link to your channel? :)
@_inside Don't have one yet! That's the point. I don't dare to show my face to the internets, maybe I could do a neitstat and have sunglasses on all-vid I had the idea, but didn't execute on it, I don't have an iPhone X, so animojis are still off the table for me... I just imagined myself playing zombie games, recording my face expressions with animoji, and then later mix and matching all to create a fun video of a gameplay...
@schpn That's a great idea!
Haven’t used it yet. How do I download it?
can i sideload apps without jailbreak? Im pretty new to ios