A flexible yet lightweight Javascript animation library.



Tom Michew
@tweetfrog · Codeply, WDstack
Very cool, and I like what you did with your portfolio page and the message bubbles.
Alexander Isora 🌀
@alexanderisora · Phoenix Startup creator, developer
Why do I need this having GSAP? Thanks =)
Victor Manrique
@victormanriquey · Product guy
+1 to landing page! :)
Mohit Gangrade
@mohitgangrade · Founder @getgrowthfuel
I love the animations on the landing page. This is awesome. Loving it. Can't wait to play with it.
Zebhdiyah Pykosz
@zebhdiyah · Frontend Developer
Looks promising. How does this compare against something like velocityjs? (funny both author's names are Julian..)
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