Animation Desk

Frame-to-frame animation app for beginners and professionals

Animation Desk offers an intuitive interface, a wide range of art sets, and supports various export options. Events and contests are hosted in the app. Animators of all levels are welcomed not only to create but also to showcase their creative works.
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Kenny Su
Entrepreneur, start-up passionate
Welcome Hunters! We are excited to be launching an all-new Animation Desk today 🎉 It's a free app (with subscription plans) for making frame animations. Human love stories and are born with the ability to create. Animation Desk offer a simple and accessible solution for everyone to start animating and visualise their imagination. Some feature highlights: • 45+ brushes for users to create stunning drawings • A copy paste tool that saves your time • Draw precisely with the onion skinning • Color palette and eye droppers • Supports video, PSD, image import • Supports export formats like MOV, PSD, PDF, and GIFs • Mange your sequences with tags and labels Many have been using Animation Desk to create their own animations, start a Youtube channel, or practice animating. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome!
Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
@kenny_su AD looks real good! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
Always great to see one of your favorite softwares releasing new features that are useful - definitely going to check them out.
@new_user_1586fbf6f1 Thanks! We hope you like the new interface. More editing features will be coming soon. By the way, we are hosting an animation competition for Animation Desk users, more information will be available in the app ;)
Very excited to be hunting today a brand new Animation Desk — an amazing frame-to-frame animation tool for beginners and professionals alike. Passing on the 🎤to the makers 😉
Georgia EvansMarketing Coordinator
I use AD with my kid - that's how I got him interested in animation in the first place. Excited about the update.
@georgia_evans So happy to know that Animation Desk is helping. Happy animating.
Ulysses EvansFreelancer + Student
This software is what actually got me animating, nice to see they're still around and doing what they love.
@ulysses_evans yes, we survive! There will be other new features coming up in early 2020. Welcome back and give the app a try.