Make your own animated illustrations on your phone

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@darrenpaul what was your inspiration for making Animatic?
@katesegrin My co-founder @ramontorres and I were talking about what it must have been like for Walt Disney and his original artists (Nine Old Men) when they were first creating animated shorts in the 1920's by drawing each frame by hand. We were inspired by this period to create something that worked and felt like that, by providing the tools for someone to create the next Mickey Mouse, on their mobile phone or tablet. Most importantly, we wanted Animatic to enable anyone to easily animate their ideas. Animatic is the offspring of our product Inkboard, and powered by the Inkboard SDK.
Any chance of getting an Android version? The Note 5 has a stylus and it would be awesome to use it.
@thekitze we just launched Animatic for Android. Take a look, hope you like it!