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Another great resource from the Icons8 team! @rustoffee, any suggestion for how to use these effectively and not overdo it?
@chrismessina First of all, thank you for hunting us! The idea is to use them sparingly. Add them only to the strategic parts of your website or an app to draw people's attention. Use too many at once and your website/app will look like Tokyo at night :)
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@chrismessina @rustoffee Then again, Tokyo at night looks great (never been there, but judging from videos...) 😅
Best license agreement ever
Had a quick look and couldn't find any docs. Could you link to them please?
@angus_halen It is under the GitHub link. Here it is: https://github.com/icons8/titanic
Can you give information on how you created them, so we can add our creations?
@xodobe_ https://www.skillshare.com/class... The author of the course is Margarita, the author of the icons and the member of Icons8 team.
I love these delightful animations 😍