The pack includes 10 sets (10 icons each):
1) Business
2) Communications
3) E-commerce
4) Games
5) Space
6) Chemistry
7) Design
8) Food
9) Mechanisms
10) Sustainable Energy
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Hi ProductHunt! We’ve just released a huge pack of animated vector icons. We believe these icons will be a great addition to any project’s UI. You can preview each icon from the pack on our website, it’s a lot of fun! I would love to hear your thoughts on this pack. Have a great day!
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Great pack.Thank you guys
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wow, something new :-) Great job. we need more animated icons )))
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@auba_shugla Thanks, more animated icons are on the way! :)
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These look great. Checked out the rest of the available work on your site and wow everything's really nice. Great job.
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@johndatserakis Thank you, happy to hear that you like our work!
These are stunning!
@chrisgscott Thank you Chris!