Animate Components

Elemental components for doing animations in React.

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Can I see a walk through video of it ?
@ayush_chandra Let me know if you need more help on usage or regarding the api.
Nicely done!
@colewinans thanks ! Let me know if you need any help ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Hi, can you describe what is the advantage of using your library instead of using one of the other animation libraries (react-motion, velocity, greensock, etc)?
@artur_carvalho Sure ! 1. Ease of doing animations. 2. Simplified and minimal API. 3. Best source for someone who is new to React (folks are already enjoying the ease of doing animations). 4. Supports element type rendering of animation component. 5. Provides isolated keyframes so that you don't have to hardcode all the curves and you can directly use them with css-in-js solutions like glamor, styled-components, Aphrodite etc. Right ?
between I am working on rendering the docs on web. So keep checking !
Amazing, i like it