Animar 2.0

Augmented reality tamagotchi with real wild animals

#1 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2019
We are pleased to announce the launch of brand new Animar with great new features!
*Rescue wild animals from circus
*Explore the world through the animal dreams in video format
*Meditate with animals and improve your health
*Play in 3D with gorgeous interiors
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Will you be adding educational games for children? So that children could develop while they take care of the pets. If this is an app for children, and it probable is, the development of children would be very much in demand among parents.
@michaelmarti2 Thanks for your feedback! We are going to release an educational functionality in the future releases and Augmented Reality books will be a part of it.
@maxmosesholens We have a few Augmented Reality books for kids at home. They are awesome and kids are more willing to learn with them!
@michaelmarti2 This is due to the fact that books in Augmented Reality are more lively and interactive.
Wow! Sleep feature is fantastic. Can you add full-size video playback mode? So that one could watch a video in large size.
@michaelmkirk Thanks for your feedback. We are working on improvement of Sleep feature right now.
Cloud is nice, but when you watch a video for a long time you want to watch it in full-screen format. It would be much more comfortable.
@michaelmkirk Yes, i agree with you for 100%) That’s why we are working hard to improve this feature.
Animals look awesome! My favourite is a panda because it reminds me of Kung Fu Panda🐼. Excellent work, Max!👍
Amazing it's like a zoo. I just surprised after install Animar: real wild pets in AR app.
Happy Animal Day! Have you ever dreamt of a real Lion, Tiger, Elephant or Panda cub as a pet? Animar allows you to play and take care of realistic looking animals in AR as if they were real. All of us have loved visiting zoos and circuses since childhood. Have you ever wondered whether the animals are happy there? Would they like to leave the chains and go home into the wild? * RESCUE: Rescue one of the wild animals, that was taken away from their family and ended up in captivity. * SHELTER: Shelter pets in your virtual home with gorgeous interiors. Turn on AR mode and feel the presence of real wild animals right next to you: a playful lion, cute tiger, clumsy panda or touchingly gentle elephant. Animar virtual pets are distinguishable for realistic appearance, behavior, voice and, most important, feelings. Touch the pets and feel their heart beating using phone vibration. * PLAY AND TAKE CARE: Pets love care and attention, to feast on their favorite food and play sports games. * EXPLORE THROUGH THE ANIMAL DREAMS: Seeing dreams is one of the most favorite things for babies. After you put them to sleep, you can explore the world through their dreams and memories in video format on a virtual screen. * MEDITATE: The same as for people, animals have souls which demand self development. Meditate with your pets mirroring their breathing chosen in unison with healthy natural rhythms. Meditation music will help you to relax and feel serene. Progress of your breathing will be automatically saved to your HealthKit. * IMPROVE YOUR KARMA: According to ancient beliefs, the persons fate depends on their Karma filled with good and bad deeds. By taking care of animals at Animar, you can improve your Karma of Love, Energy, Joy, Wisdom, Relax, Happiness and Health. In this way, we want to draw attention to the danger of extinction to which more than 40% of all living beings on our planet are exposed to, mostly because of the human activities. Animar wants to remind about the importance of caring about animals and nature. Motivate you every day to do something useful for the environment, thus improving your life and fate.