Animals on Airbnb Experiences

The new standard for animal tourism

#3 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2019
Life’s better with animals—and now there’s a new way to meet them with local hosts who care for their welfare. Every experience must follow World Animal Protection guidelines, so you can connect with a clear conscience.
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Someone finally made "milking cow" available for city people? That's one of my biggest dreams.
@ariel_jedrzejczak Highly doubt that'll come under the animal protection guidelines.
@barrygw Do you want to say that milking cow by random person will be more harmful then killing them for meat?
@barrygw @ariel_jedrzejczak or maybe we don't do any of those? :)
At first I thought this was a new way to find out places that you could also take your pets. Like a pet friendly airbnb checker. "The best houses and places that you and your dog can both stay and go on adventures together." I'd be up for that.
@ejsnowdon same idea popped into my head!
@kunalslab glad it wasn't just me ;)
@kunalslab @ejsnowdon I mean, the photo is a corgi. Doesn't everyone have a Corgi and wants to travel with them?
@ejsnowdon in this case, pets are already included. 😜
I am a simple person. I see cute animals, I upvote. I see travel and tourism, I comment.
This is amazing!